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College of Architecture and Urban Planning

College of Architecture & Urban Planning was founded in August 2006.  It consists of  the Department of Architecture, the Department of Planning, the Laboratory of Urban & Architectural Environment, World Architecture Review Agency, Architectural Design Institute and Urban Planning & Design Institute.
College of Architecture & Urban Planning has 2 undergraduate specialties: architecture and urban planning. The specialty of architecture, a 5-year program, offers bachelor's degree of architecture, enrolling 60 students annually. And the specialty of urban planning, aslo a 5-year program, enrolls 30 students and offers bachelor's degree of engineering.
College of Architecture & Urban Planning has 4 graduate programs: architectural design & its theories, urban planning & design, architectural history & theories, and architectural technology offering master's degree of architecture and master's degree of engineering.
Architecture is one of the key disciplines at Shenzhen University, as well as the key discipline in Guangdong Province since 1999. It was authorized to grant bachelor's degrees in 1996 by the Educational Evaluation Committee of National Higher Education for Architecture. In 2002, the specialty of “architecture” was awarded the ivy discipline of Guangdong Province.
College of Architecture & Urban Planning has a total number of 597 students, including 466 undergraduate students and 131 graduate students.
International Exchange
International exchanges have been highly regarded since the founding of the college. It not only takes part in various and constant academic exchanges between domestic architecture study of higher education institutions, but actively carries on international exchanges with foreign universities, academic institutions and well-known scholars. The college also encourages “going out” to have academic exchanges. The School of Architecture Hong Kong University and our college have carried out the student's work review for years. In 2004, together with Houston University, our college successfully conducted “China Gate” design contest at China Town Houston, and our students won the first prize. In December 2002, “International Proseminar of East Asian Architectural Culture” was held; in March 2005, “the 2nd Sino-Germany Architecture Proseminar” was successfully conducted; and in 2005, a collaboration agreement was signed with Vienna University of Technology that 3 to 5 students are sent to study in both institutions annually.  
Undergraduate Programs: 
1.  Architecture(5 years) 
2.  Uban Panning(5 years)
Graduate Programs: 
1.  Achitectural Dsign and Its Theories (M.Eng) 
2.  Urban Planning and Design (M.Eng) 
3.  Architectural History and Theories (M.Eng) 
4.  Architectural Technology(M.Eng)

The building for College of Architecture & Urban Planning was put into use in May 2002 with a building area of 11,000㎡. There are classrooms and studios for the students. Besides, the lecture hall, multi-function rooms, multimedia classrooms, CAAD classrooms and various laboratories are available.

College of Architecture & Urban Planning has the following laboratories: urban & architectural environment laboratory - including the architectural physics lab and the building materials & conformation lab, CAAD laboratory, model studio, photography studio and GIS laboratory, among which the urban & architectural environment laboratory will become an important public service platform of Shenzhen in the near future.

The college has been taking the library as an essential construction. The appropriative library of architecture holds a collection of more than 45000 copies, comprising 7600 copies of foreign books, 87 kinds of domestic journals, and 86 kinds of foreign journals. In addition, the library has a collection of 280 volumes of slides and 280 CDs of e-materials.

Academic Research

College of Architecture & Urban Planning is carrying out the tri-integration principle of teaching, research and practice. The academic researches and creations are tightly affiliated. The college has taken on and fulfilled many national and provincial research projects, which cover the areas of urban transportation, population flowage, habitation issues study, architecture design & its theory study, architectural history and cultural heritage protection study, architectural environment control & architectural energy-saving study. The researchers pay much attention to the trends of contemporary urban and architectural design theories at home and abroad on one hand, and on the other hand they take the present situation under consideration. Theories are largely put into practices. Following research projects are being carried out: 1. the design and its theory of public buildings; 2. the design and environmental study of inhabitant architecture; 3. the study of architectural culture and architectural theory; 4. the study of sub-tropical architectural technology. From 2000 to 2006, the school has completed a number of key research projects including the national natural science funding projects. And 275 research papers and 19 academic works, translation works and teaching materials have been published.

The graduates from the college are reputably welcomed. Many of them were enrolled to continue further study by famous universities and institutions like Harvard University, UCLA, MIT and Architecture Association (AA), and they have done quite well in their studies. In addition, the students have won 12 prizes in the domestic as well as the international design contests. And since 2002, 10 excellent works have been awarded to the students in the national excellent works exhibition.
The faculty staff is 56, including professors, senior engineers and architects. 14 of them possess doctorate degrees and 31 of them have master degrees. One third of the staff have foreign educational background. They are all well-educated and capable, and devoted to their teaching and research work.
College of Architecture & Urban Planning at Shenzhen University has formed the academic feature of learning, research and production closely integrated under the guidance of the well-known academicians and senior professors. The research work is well-oriented with sufficient financial support and excellent equipments. Great achievements have been made in the fields of teaching, science & research and social practices. Different prizes have been awarded to the students in various design contests.