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2011 International Cooperation Work Opening

SWMU stresses international exchange and cooperation, and has established friendly relationships with the School of Medicine, UCSD, Florida Gulf Coast University in US; Yonsei University, the Catholic University of Korea; and Ottago University in New Zealand. SWMU has also set up academic exchange programs with Duke University, Tuffs University in US, New Castle University in Australia, Waseda University in Japan and Royal College of Nursing in Great Britain. Operation Rainbow established Academic Exchange Centre in China. A great number of faculties have been dispatched abroad for vocational studies or on a basis of scientific cooperation.

The International students here enjoy enviable climate and advanced teaching facilities. Built in 2004, the teaching building, cafeteria and apartments are of the first class among colleges. The students’ apartments are equipped with fridge, TV, telephone, internet access, washing machine, and 24-hour hot water.