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Registration Procedures

School Open Date:

Autumn Semester: the first week of September
Spring Semester: the last week of February  (subject to some variation)

Documents for Registration:

Please take the following documents to International Affair Office of SWJTU (Room 512 in
Administration Building) for registration soon after your arrival at SWJTU:
1. Student (X) Visa to China
2. SWJTU Administration Notice
3. JW202 Form (original)
4. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (original)
5. Blood Test Report for HIV and Syphilis (original)
6. Eight copies of personal photo

After Arrival:

Within 30 days after arrival, the student should go to the Chengdu Sanitation & Anti-epidemic Bureau for a health checkup.  Having received the Qualification Certificate, the  student must go to the Chengdu Municipal Pubic Security Bureau for the Residence Permit for Foreigners.