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SWJTU has a stable study environment and a Chinese-speaking environment as well as first-class establishments and conditions. The university is organized, well-managed, and has systemic and perfect managing measures and responsible administrators. The university offers all sorts of large, middle and small-sized classrooms for class study and self-study.     

There are three types of accommodations for students:     

 A. Dorms on campus possess an air conditioner, color TV, fridge, furniture, telephone and toilet. A double room is 500 RMB yuan / person/ month; single room is 1000RMB yuan / person/ month.      

B. A 54 square meters' suite on campus possesses furniture, telephone and toilet, and can be inhabited by one or two persons. The rent is 700 to 900 RMB yuan /suite /month.      

C. There is a residential area about 500 meters away from the campus with an elegant environment. It is very secure and is very well managed. It offers suites of 60 to 150 square meters. The rent is about 800 to 2,000 RMB yuan /suite /month. Students can rent different types of suites according to their own needs