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•140.00 RMB per day for a double room, 130.00 RMB for a single room.

•Apartment with one bedroom will cost you 1,000.00-1,200.00 RMB/per month, two bedrooms 1,800.00-2,500.00 RMB/per month; three bedrooms 3,300.00-4,500.00 RMB/per month.

•50.00 RMB to 100.00 RMB will be good enough for three meals one day as a student.

Medical Service

1. Do the overseas students have the medical insurance?

The University will provide a medical insurance of hospitalization for 5 years to the self-supported overseas students for undergraduate program. The State Ministry of Education will provide a “Comprehensive Medical Insurance For Overseas Students Coming to China ” to the overseas students granted with the Government Scholarship.

2. How do the overseas students visit a doctor?

The overseas students can go to hospital to visit a doctor directly.

3. How do the overseas students process the hospitalization?

The overseas students can process the hospitalization at the Hospitalization Section directly with the hospitalization notice made out by the hospital, and pay the deposit for hospitalization.

4. How do the overseas students claim the payment from the insurance company?

When the overseas students are discharged from the hospital, they will submit the discharge certificate, invoice of medical expenses, details sheet of hospitalization expenses, and passport copy to the Overseas Students Department, which will claim the payment from the insurance company for the overseas students