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Anniversary Celebrations Held With A "Health Run"

On the morning of June 1st, on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of SWUFE, our university held a celebration campaign on Liulin Campus. University leaders Zhao Dewu, Ceng Daorong, Ma Xiao, Yin Qingshuang, Shi Daimin, Zhang Bangfu and other leading school cadres, faculty and student representatives participated in the health run. 50 SWUFE alumni from the Bank of China participated.

At 9:20 in the morning, as Zhao Dewu, the Secretary of the Party Committee, started the run, the healthy troop started from the main gate of C Building, the Plum Garden, the Three Flavor Hall, the Chao Hui Tennis Court and the Jisin Square, to the end of the Global Building. The running team was like a long shuttle on Liulin Campus, becoming a beautiful scenery on the SWUFE campus. With the slogan of "My Sports, My health, My sports, and My happiness", we are full of energy and vigor, fully showing the spirit of the youthful spirit of the teachers and students and the alumni of SWUFE.

At the beginning of the mini marathon competition of more than 400 students, our vice president and the vice president of the Bank of China, Tian Hongyan, attended the mini marathon. The students started from the main gate at the Tengxiang Building, passed the Bamboo Garden, the Plum Garden, the Yide Building and the Jingshi Building, and then back to the main gate at the Tengxiang Building, in total 4.2 kilometers long in 2 laps. Everyone is burning with passion for sports and blooming youth in the sunshine. Vice President Ma Xiao and the relevant leaders of the Bank of China Sichuan Branch awarded the top ten men and women of the mini marathon. The competition ended successfully.

The annual school festival health run is not only for the university's celebrations but also for every teacher and student of SWUFE and for the alumni transfer of the "Daily One Hour Exercise, and 50 Years of Healthy Work for a Happy Life" health concept, the "People-oriented, Health First, Physical Fitness, the World to the People" of the SWUFE sports humanistic spirit.