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student guide

Upon arrival at SWUFE, students should register at Office 220, College of International Education. Please see Map of SWUFE (Guanghua Campus) in “Chapter 1.2.3 – Campus Tour” (College of International Education is located in the northwest corner of the map).
When register, please bring forth the JW202 Form and Admission Notice (may be unavailable for L visa applicants) you received from SWUFE and hand in other documents and materials.
Students who sent their photos to us in advance will get their Student ID Cards when register, otherwise the Student ID Cards will be ready within the first two weeks of a semester.
How to Get to SWUFE
Located at the west 2nd Ring Road, standing next to Jinsha Bus Station and Long-distance Coach Station, SWUFE enjoys very convenient transportations to almost every corner of the city. The map below shows the location of SWUFE, Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu Railway Station and major Long-distance Coach Stations.

» Take a taxi to SWUFE (costs approx. 60-80 RMB).
At Chengdu Railway Station:
» Take No. 69 Bus and get off at Jinsha Bus Station (terminal);
» Take No. 83 Bus and get off at Qingyang Rd., Xin Cheng Wen Cross;
» Take a taxi to SWUFE (costs approx. 18 RMB)
At Long-distance Coach Stations or other sites:
» Call 114-2 or 85076868 to enquire instant bus information (Chinese only)
» Contact us at 87355437 to get help
» Take a taxi to SWUFE at address: No. 57 Qingjiangzhong Rd. (or No. 55 Guanghuacun St.), Qingyang District, Chengdu. Try to print this page out and show the taxi driver the following Chinese words: