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The University History Drama "Guanghua 1938" had its Grand Opening

For the celebrations of our university's 93rd anniversary, on the evening of June 3rd, the history drama "Guanghua 1938" was staged in the student activity center auditorium. Ceng Daorong, the Deputy Secretary of the party committee, and nearly a thousand teachers and students watched the performance with a strong sense of history, a clear sense of the exquisite artistic level. Zhao Dewu, the party secretary, was first to congratulate the actors for their successful performance. He thanked the staff who was active behind the stage for the wonderful gift of his alma mater's 93 birthday.

"Guanghua 1938" is a spin-off of the original history drama "Guanghua", telling the story of the protagonist Su Qing (Xiao Su) and Gu Yunfei (Xiao Fei) and the moving stories of the important historical milestones of our university in 1925, 1938, 1952, 1978, and in 1978, to showinig the university's 93 years load of rain and joy. Teaching an important and magnificent part of the history of the country, the opera shows the internal migration, the interpretation of the migration to Chengdu during the war of resistance, the patriotic and hard running deeds of the president Xie Lin and the young people of Guanghua, Su Qing and Gu Yunfei. It reproduces SWUFE's migrating feat of Chinese Higher Education, rehearses the extraordinary years of pioneering, and eulogizes the old generation. It is the patriotic spirit of the youth who are brave enough to bear the responsibility and serve the country.

At the end of the performance, the teachers and students are unable to hide their excitement and express that SWUFE's people deduce the history of the university, watch the school history, and have deep feelings for their predecessors, as well as to remind themselves not to forget the history, remember the mission and create the future. "From Guanghua to SWUFE, change is also represented in the changing names of the school, but the constant is the spirit of the university and its diligent college spirit; from Huangpu to Liulin, change is the university's fate, which is a mission of courage and progress for the society."