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About SQMC

Sanquan Medical College was established in 2003 under the approval of Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Sanquan consists of two campuses with a total covered area of 679,733 square meters and a floor area of 661,000 square meters. It is home to 42,153 alumni and 20,909 students guided by 1186 teachers undertaking 26 undergraduate and 9 junior college majors in 5 domains of medicine, management, science, engineering and literature. Gradually growing into a young college with unique features and evident advantages, Sanquan has made its prominent contribution to public health services of Henan Province. 


Situated in Xinxiang of northern Henan, Sanquan faces the provincial capital Zhengzhou to its north only several miles away and ancient national capital Kaifeng to its south with yellow river in between, featuring distinct four seasons. With Taihang Mountains stretching at its north, Xinxiang is an economic, educational, and transportation hub of northern Henan, near to renown scenic spots such as Shaolin Temple, Yellow River, Erqi Tower, Baligo Scenic Area, Wanxian Mountain.