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USTC Wins Eight Awards in the 2nd China Xi'an International Folk Imaging Competition

The unique Campus Culture Theme Section of the 2nd China Xi'an International Folk Imaging Competition held its Awarding Ceremony on Sep 10th. Thousands of original images created by domestic university students gathered together to offer a special visual feast to the Teachers' Day.

USTC was awarded the Organization Award for its sending many excellent students' DV and animation works to the competition. Among the 55 excellent DV works which were sent by DV Development Center of USTC, Farewell Dinner created by CAI Liying, WANG Yu, WANG Shan and SHEN Mingrui was awarded First Level Award; Dream of the Red Chamber  by QIU Shican, HOU Qingchao, HE Yuanyuan and BAI Xiaoyu got Second Level Award; My Machine Roommate by CAI Liying, WANG Yu, MA Hui and ZHOU Guangming, The Dream Stage by ZHANG Linan and YANG Heng, as well as two animations sent by The Digital Culture Center of USTC——Tetris by MA Panpan and Jeep created by LAI Dehua won Third Level Award; The Dancing Melon Seeds by SHEN Mingrui and WANG Yu was awarded Best Production Award. CAI Liying——director of Farewell Dinner and My Machine Roommate, graduate student of Department of Science and Technology Communication and Policy of the School of Humanities and Social Science——was invited to attend the Awarding Ceremony on behalf of USTC.