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School of Information and Software Engineering of UESTC  2011-12-27
School of Communication & Information Engineering  2011-09-08
School of Electronic Engineering  2011-09-08
School of Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics  2011-09-08
School of Physical Electronics  2011-09-08
School of Computer Science & Engineering  2011-09-14
School of Automation Engineering  2011-09-16
School of Mechatronics Engineering  2011-09-16
School of Optoelectronic Information  2011-09-16
School of Mathematical Sciences  2011-09-19
School of Management and Economics  2011-09-16
School of Political Science and Public Administration  2011-09-08
School of Marxism Education  2011-09-08
School of Foreign Languages  2011-09-14
School of Energy Science and Engineering