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Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin Medical University was formally established on June 16, 1951 as the first medical university after the founding of the P.R.China. Professor Hsien-I CHU, the famous endocrinologist, was appointed the first president. Having been striving for more than 50 years, the University has developed i nto a medical university featuring all kinds of disciplines and specialties in clinical medicine, nursing science, medical techniques, pharmacy and medical laboratory science, etc.
Tianjin Medical University was one of the first medical universities in China to be recognized by the WHO and one of 74 universities in China to acquire the approval of the Ministry of Education to accept overseas students. Presently, there are over 1000 students (including 892 undergraduates ) from 56 countries enrolled in medical studies. 
Tianjin Medical University is listed as one of 97 pillar universities for 21st century development in China. Currently, there are 17 colleges, 8 departments, 6 university hospitals, 6 affiliated hospitals and 46 teaching hospitals, which altogether provide 15000 beds. There are 7493 staff members, 5127 undergraduate students, 1940 master’s and doctorate students and over 1000 foreign students from 56 countries.
Some majors of the University are national and municipal key medical science: national key major Chinese-Western Medicine Clinic(surgery), municipal key majors: Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease, Cancer, Neurology 、Medical Imaging、Urological Surgery、Internal Medicine of Cardiovascular, Nuclear Medicine, General Surgery, the municipal developing majors: Micro-biology and immunology, Ophthalmology、Stomatology. The university also has 9 research institutes, Ministry of Health's 1 key lab and 9 temporary clinic medicine bases.

The University also has different level prizes for those excellent students, which include People Scholarship, Zhu XianYi Medicine Scholarship, Chen LuDe Nursing Prize, Wang KeChang Prize, Excellent Science and Engineering Students Prize, TianJin Takeda Prize and JiangXu YunZhu Medicine Scholarship.