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Our school held 2012 years graduate employment work leading group meeting

January 9,, held in our school graduate employment work leading group meeting. The meeting, deputy party secretary of LiWeiPing conveys the ministry of education in 2012 national ordinary high school graduates employment TV conference call spirit, and required the department, the college to unify the thought, the responsible, to do graduate employment each work. He stressed that, at this stage of the key point is to around school employment goals, strengthen education guide to help the college graduates to build up the scientific, corrected; Strengthen the employment promotion mobilization, create good atmosphere of basic-level employment; Strengthening employment service work, do good campus recruitment; Strengthening employment tracking service, and carry out the employment of the research. In the graduate employment situation overall is good, employment on the basis of high quality to the next level.
Meeting report 2011, the college employment assessment results, voted for 2011 graduates' employment advanced unit, the advanced individual and employment contribution award winners.

The school graduates work leading group all the members and part of the graduating class instructors took part in the meeting. (students HuangYongQuan adaption)