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Currently FMU has two campuses in Shangjie and Taijiang, with a total land area of about 87 hectares and a building area of 379,000 square meters. Apartment for International Students is in Shangjie Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately 1,000 or 1,250 per month(depending on actual situation.

Shangjie Campus 

Overseas Education College of Fujian Medical University is located in Administrative Building Block A, Teaching Area, Shangjie Campus, University Town. The International Students Apartment is near the main entrance of the Living Area, about 100 meters 

International student dormitory


All rooms are equipped with wardrobe, desk, chair, equipped bed, television, air conditioner and shared bathroom.

Dormitory reservations about accepting applications for a specific time please contact directly with Fujian Medical University. 

Room Price 

Double Room: RMB 11 per person per day.

Kitchen in the Dormitory