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Students from Nankai university go to shandong to experience Chinese culture

Recently, the international academic exchange organizations from north Korea, Pakistan, the Netherlands, more than a dozen countries including Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, 55 students participated in "Chinese culture experience" in shandong jinan activities. During the two-day trip, students visited nine towers and nine mountain waterfalls in jinan, shandong province. While feeling the beautiful natural scenery, students also interested part in a scenic spot to prepare rich interactive games, activities, students have said, the autumn cultural experience activities not only deepen the understanding of China and Chinese culture, and further enhance the interest of learning Chinese.
In jiuding tower scenic area, students visited jiuding tower national scenic park. National garden is the enrichment of Chinese 56 ethnic festivals and singing, there are the dai, wa, yi, miao, 16 ethnic minorities such as the styles of the hold, and to watch the rich national characteristics of the performance, passionate dance to attract international students to follow to beat up. After that, the students participated in such interesting interactive games as "relay pumpkin" and "walk together". Nine top tower film and television theater for the international students on "the good han qin qiong", "wu song sin hit jiangmen god", "liu sanjie recruitment" and other large reality dramas.
Jiushan scenic area is called "little jiuzhaigou in the north". The experience activities in late autumn, nine mountain mountain full bloom, the red leaves in the spring waterfall area, canyon windings area, river's lake culture area, mountain resort, international students close to mountain, water, close nature, enjoy the beauty of the juice, raw ingredient, original Chinese. "China is so beautiful! At the end of the visit, the students sighed from the bottom of their hearts.

, said an official with the international academic exchanges in the nankai university in recent years continuous at the "cultural experience" was deeply loved by students, in jinan, before students have experienced places such as Beijing, xian, yanan, qufu, in the beautiful Chinese feelings at the same time, these "classroom" experience to also become students practice.