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Why study in NANKAI

Reasons to study in Nankai University in China

Decided to experience one of the fastest growing economies among the world? China, the largest east country in the world, holding the largest number of language in the world, Chinese, and also splendid long history and multi-cultures. NANKAI University will be a good choice for you!

Why can NANKAI University be your good choice to study in China? Judge by yourself as follows.

One Hundred Years of History - Prominent Graduates All Over the World

Nankai University was founded in 1919 as the first private university in modern Chinese history by two renowned educators, Mr. Zhang Bo-ling and Mr. Yan Xiu,.
Graduates include numerous world-renowned scientists, writers and artists such as Dr. Chern Shing-shen (mathematician, Wolf Prize winner), Dr. Wu Da-you (world-renowned physicist), Mr. Cao Yu (the great dramatist), Dr. Yang Zhen-ning (Nobel Prize winner), Mr. Fan Zeng (eminent Chinese painter) etc.

Alma Mater of Premier Zhou En-lai, Training China's Best Leaders

First Premier of new China , Zhou En-lai is among the earliest Nankai students

Two beloved Chinese Premiers, Mr. Zhou En-lai and the current Premier, Mr. Wen Jia-bao, are Nankai alumni.

Exceptional Programs Led by Distinguished Faculty Members

Nankai has 22 Schools and Colleges, 71 Undergraduate programs, 214 Master’s programs, 118 Doctoral programs, and 18 Post-Doctorate research bases. Nankai has twenty-six national key disciplines, 48 provincial outstanding disciplines, 8 national bases for basic scientific research and professional training and 6 national key research centers for the humanities and social sciences.

Nankai’s major disciplines of chemistry, mathematics, optics, economics, history, management, library science, politics, and sociology rank in the top three on the national ranking list by MOE.

Excellence in teaching. Nankai has nationally acclaimed faculty members including 15 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Advantageous Location, Innovative Development and a Promising Future

Located in the city of Tianjin, the most active economic center in northern China, just 30 minutes away from Beijing which is the capital city of China by high-speed train.
Nankai is committed to becoming the "Stanford University" of the Binhai Development Zone, North China's new economic center.
"Chasing the Ivy League": Science magazine publishes a special feature on Nankai's innovation and development.
A Pioneer in International Education

Nankai University is dedicated to developing an open academic environment. In the 1950s Nankai began accepting foreign students. The College of Chinese Language and Culture is one of the eight national bases named by Chinese MOE for teaching foreign students the Chinese language. Currently, it is affiliated with over 200 universities and research organizations from more than 100 countries. In 2008, over 2000 international students, visiting scientists and scholars attended Nankai University. To date, there are nearly ten thousand foreign graduates scattered among 160 countries.

Promoting International Programs for an Internationally Diversified Campus

Internationalization is one of Nankai’s five main development strategies.
Nankai is committed to invest resources, establish new policies, and design new structures to attract more international students to study at Nankai.