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The British "post-90" guy studied in nankai to explore the logic of "high cold"

Authentic fluent Chinese, clear and meticulous thinking, gentle and elegant behavior. 24 years old young man ShiJiaRui often let a person produce illusion, this is a and many of China's college students love to philosophy of handsome young man, only the deep eyes, high bridge of the nose is from time to time to remind you that his status as a British students.
"Last life was Chinese" is obsessed with spiritual philosophy and artificial intelligence
Shi jiarui, who has little contact with China, has been fond of Chinese traditional culture since childhood. "My mother joked that I must have been Chinese in my last life." ShiJiaRui smiled and said, in 2009 graduated from high school, he finally came to the east of his yearning for a long time, a middle school in kuytun xinjiang did a teacher of English volunteers and teach English for a year. After two years of Beijing language and culture university's Chinese language training program, he, who has been obsessed with philosophy, decided to stay in China for further study. "At that time, I began to look for a better undergraduate school in philosophy, so I had a close relationship with the school of philosophy of nankai university." "Said Ms. Shi. In 2012, shi jiarui passed the entrance examination and won the "freshman scholarship of nankai university", and entered the logic major of the school of philosophy. Philosophy and logic have always given people a sense of abstraction, depth and obscurity, let alone learning in a foreign language. "When I was a freshman, I found it quite difficult to read philosophy books and exams in Chinese. I had to read the books three times," said shi. With the help of the teachers and classmates, ShiJiaRui couldn't finished the examination paper, from the beginning to the mathematical logic and modal logic, such as a difficult course also got a high score, and access to "the Chinese government distinguished foreign students scholarship". "My research interests are logic, philosophy of mind, cognitive science and artificial intelligence. In the study of the essence of mind and artificial intelligence, there are many philosophical studies that can be provided to cognitive science, and we also need philosophers to interpret the research results of cognitive science. Many excellent studies are the result of cooperation between universities in the west and China. My dream is to participate in collaborative research between universities in the UK and China in the future. "Said Ms. Shi.
Learning a language means throwing yourself into that environment
ShiJiaRui came to China at the age of 18, with two years of time, will be able to communicate with Chinese people freely, for more than a year, can be in nankai university classroom lectures, problem solving, writing a paper in Chinese, and mentor on academic issues. "To learn a foreign language well, you need to make it a habit that doesn't require thinking." "You just have to throw yourself directly into the middle of the Chinese people so you can force yourself to improve your Chinese," said shi. Now when shi jiarui returns home, he will come up with a Chinese sentence. Because he can speak Chinese, he is "worshipped" by many friends in Britain.
I also want to return to China to be the "cultural ambassador" of China and Britain.
In its seven years in China, schjerui has visited 14 provinces and cities. "China is big and has a lot of yuan. It's a unique experience." Shi jiarui, who will graduate next year, also faces a choice problem. "I plan to go back to the UK to study as a graduate student because I want to bring Chinese and knowledge of the Chinese academy to the UK." For Ms. Shi, the separation is only temporary. "After finishing my studies, I still want to return to China. China has a lot of opportunities now and in the future, and I hope to be th.