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Tianjin university participated in the first batch of "quality certification signing ceremony for studying in China".

On March 9, China education international exchange association, entrusted by the international department of the ministry of education, held the signing ceremony of the first batch of pilot colleges and universities of "quality certification for studying in China" in Beijing. The signing ceremony was attended by the deputy director general of the international department of the ministry of education, MAO dongmin, director of the China foreign affairs office, and representatives of the first 28 pilot universities in China. President Chen zhihua of education college attended the signing ceremony and signed the agreement on behalf of tianjin university.
International SiFangJun after signing ceremony, the ministry of education, deputy director of the speech, he pointed out that to establish the students quality guarantee system plays an important role, it not only promote the healthy and orderly development of coming to China to study abroad education enterprise in our country, to attract and cultivate qualified international talents lay the foundation, but also to strengthen the international exchange and the national soft power construction in our country.
In recent years, with the deepening of international exchanges, the cause of studying in education in China has received great attention. In the tube to do a review of the separation of the background, the construction of a new type of relationship between the government and schools, in the process of coming to China to study abroad career need to establish a scientific, standardized, fair education evaluation system to ensure students training quality. As a result, the first batch of accredited schools included 28 established institutions of higher learning, including Peking University and tianjin university. They will participate in the formulation of the standards of the study-abroad support system in China, which will become the standards and guidance for the training of students in China and play a positive role in guiding and promoting the development of the system.

Tianjin university has been studying in education for more than 60 years and has cultivated tens of thousands of foreign students in China, which has a good international reputation and international influence. The selection of the first batch of demonstration colleges is a recognition and recognition of past work. Tianjin university will be adhering to the "seeking truth from facts", "practical" attitude, study abroad will visit quality certification work earnestly, to promote the rapid development of the students in our school work, accelerate the construction of our school's internationalization process, serve the country "in" construction.