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Dormitory TypeFeesFacilitiesSingle roomRMB 70/day/person
Independent washing room, telephone, air-conditioner, furniture, and etc.
Deposit: RMB 10 for single room and RMB 40 for double room.
Double roomRMB 50/day/person

1. There are two on-campus international student dormitories: Youyuan international student dormitory and Liuyuan international student dormitory, single rooms in Youyuan and double rooms in Liuyuan are provided for international students.

2. Upon arrival, international students can directly apply for rooms on the reception desk, fill in the accommodation registration form; get the room key and hand over CNY10 for key's deposit.

3. There are 80 kilowatt-hour electricity costs offered by the university for Chinese government scholarship students each month, anyone of Chinese government scholarship students exceed limit of electricity, the extra electricity costs will be covered by him or herself. Self–supporting international students should be financed the electricity costs in Youyuan or Liuyuan international student dormitory international student dormitory, it is necessary to pay for 200 kilowatt-hour electricity costs when he/she live in a room for the first time, at present, it is CNY 0.55 for a kilowatt-hour.

4. The telephones in the rooms are 201 card telephones, international students can purchase telephone cards while use them.

5. The rooms in Youyuan international student dormitory, B and D Area of Liuyuan international student dormitory are equipped electric water heaters and can supply 24 hours hot water.

6. The laundries are equipped in Youyuan and Liuyuan international students dormitories, international students should purchase the cards form the service department to use them.