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President Li Jiajun Attends the Reception Held by the Embassy of Sweden in China

Invited by Swedish Ambassador to China Lars Freden, President Li Jiajun attended the reception he held for the delegation headed by Karolinska Institutet President Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson. Also in attendance were the representatives from the Ministry of Education of China, the Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission and other Chinese universities.

Ambassador Lars Freden spoke highly of China’s rapid development in economy and higher education. He then voiced his hope to see the strengthened cooperation between Swedish and Chinese universities. President Wallberg-Henriksson showed her appreciation to the courtesy she received in China and looked forward to her visit to Tianjin University (TU). President Li had a cordial meeting with Ambassador Lars Freden and President Wallberg-Henriksson. Both sides expressed their hope to promote the cooperation of the universities and the friendship of the people between the two countries.

The representatives from TU Office of the President and the International Cooperation Office also attended the reception.