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Preparatory Department for the International Students of TJU under Ministry of education

The objective of preparatory education is to combine the international students’ own native education with the Chinese higher education, make the students meet the standards of Chinese language knowledge ability, professional knowledge ability,   and intercultural communication ability, and make them prepare well for the future learning in China.

Since 2005, the Ministry of Education has carried out Pre-Education Pilot Project for International Students. Based on this, Pre-Education has been developed all around since Sep.1, 2010.

In 2005, Tianjin University was selected as one of the Chinese government scholarship preparatory education pilots for the undergraduate international students by CSC. From 2005 to 2010, five periods of preparatory students have been graduated successfully. The first complete training mode has been built. This mode is for one-year science and engineering beginners to learn Chinese language. In 2008, the project named “the construction and practice of pre-university education mode for Chinese government scholarship international students” won the second prize of the excellent education achievement of Tianjin University.

To make the preparatory students well adapted to the study life in China, we have traced the students graduated from Tianjin University. The students gained the satisfaction of the teachers in the receiving university. They were described to be polite and serious in study, and have a good command of Chinese, both in writing and oral. Tianjin University is approved by the ministry of education and the receiving universities. It is becoming the preparatory education demonstration base of the science and engineering international students and it provides an opportunity for the development and study of the technical Chinese teaching.

  Study of technical Chinese teaching

The technical Chinese is very important to the science and engineering preparatory students. The technical Chinese project team has been founded in Mar 2009 to study technical Chinese teaching.

Base on the experience of the Chinese teaching for the science and engineering preparatory students, the technical Chinese project team has studied on several teaching materials, such as “Chinese Technical Literacy Tutorials”, “Mathematics”, “Physics”, “Chemistry” and so on. The project team has set up corpus of technical Chinese with the teachers in the college of science.

The technical Chinese project team has compiled and amended many technical Chinese teaching materials. Authorized by Beijing language and culture university press, it has held seminars of example courses, written a teaching material named “Easy for MPC” for science and engineering international students.

Based on the work divide of CSC, project team compiled the course outline of the preparatory students’ MPC with the teachers in the college of science. They made out the course outline templates which can be unified used by the six preparatory educational pilot schools. The practice and study of Tianjin University in technical Chinese teaching has been accepted by other universities and become a brand of Tianjin University.