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Chinese Language Education Base

With the flourishing development in Chinese language education for overseas students, the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the State Council established twenty-two bases of Chinese language education all over the country in spring, 2000. Of them, Tianjin University under the support from Tianjin Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs has taken on the specific educational task of the base. On June, 15th 2001 the opening ceremony was formally hold in the hall of the school of international education with the attendance of the deputy mayor of Tianjin city, Wang Shuzu and Guo Dongpo, Director of the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the State Council.

The main task of the base, supported by the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the State Council, is aimed to carry out fully satisfactory service for the overseas Chinese by undertaking the further development and research in teaching materials for the overseas Chinese language education, admitting and cultivating children of overseas Chinese in either long-term courses or holidays programs, helping to train overseas teachers in all kinds of Chinese language schools as well as sending the elitist teachers abroad to teach and make deep research in the field of Chinese language education for the better and more effective methods.

Nowadays, Chinese language has become one of the most used language in the world and it is our duty-bound responsibility to not only succeed and carry out the brilliant Chinese culture among Chinese people but also make it treasured by human beings in the world. With this flouring overseas Chinese language education, we will take full of advantage of effectiveness of the base, bringing our own advantages into practice and do our best for the brighter and more prosperous future. We sincerely welcome all the children of overseas Chinese coming to study at Tianjin University.