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EETC 2011 Opening in BUCEA

For developing circular economy, building economical society in construction field, develop green building and ecological building materials, and realize the building energy and land-saving, section, section and protect the ecological environment, the goal of China's concrete and cement products association (CCPA) education and human resources committee, the national university building materials discipline research is scheduled for August 1, 2011 to April 4,, in Beijing jointly sponsored by "the ecological environment and concrete technology" (2011) EETC-international conference, by the Beijing institute of civil engineering and architecture and Beijing jinyu group Beijing building materials institute jointly hosted.

This international conference is intended to enhance the concrete technology exchanges, promoting China's green concrete technology research and application. In 2010, Beijing won the Beijing institute of civil engineering and architecture "green building and energy saving technology" key laboratory of approval, schools to key laboratory, based on the construction of the international conference, and carried out the ecological environment conducive to concrete technology and other ecological building materials in the academic achievement and engineering practice discussion and exchange. At present, the meeting has received 80 papers at home and abroad, and planned to invite the American, Norway, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other countries, regions and domestic well-known scholars do the theme report. The domestic various universities and scientific research units building materials related research direction of the experts and professors have also registered in advance, believe the international meeting will be a new green building materials field event, to the concrete industry technology and the researchers, is a very good study and communication opportunities.