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Mr. & Ms. International CMU Grand Gala & Awards 2018

The Mr.  & Ms. International CMU Grand Gala and Awards Ceremony is the newest, most exciting annual event added to the IES list of student activities. Male students are rumored to have raced to asking out their female crushes as dates, female students unapologetically scurried to taobao stores to order the flashiest dresses and highest heels they could find! Every IES student was engulfed in anticipation for this new event and on Saturday April 28, 2018 their joy transcended all expectations.

    Held at the CMU Students Art and Science Activity Center, the event was rated by patrons as a spectacular and unexpectedly impressive one. The support from the IES student body was evident as students from all years and batches flocked to the red carpet area for snaps to capture the moment and left only crumbs behind after the cocktail (‘mock’-tail) hour before the start of the show.

    The event was a three-in-one event: 1) Mr. & Ms. Int’l CMU pageant, 2) Student Union & Sports Awards and 3) Grand Gala. The fusion of these three ideas aimed to create a platform for students to showcase their abilities, encourage student participation in IES activities, and foster integration and socialization of international students with each other. The Gala consisted of a musical performances, cocktail hour, red carpet and Student Union-sponsored photography for all patrons. The Mr. & Ms. CMU component of the event was the most central, climatic and anticipated aspect of the show; five male and five female contestants were expected to compete for the title of Mr. International CMU and Ms. International CMU respectively by showing off their cultural wear, casual wear, evening wear, talent and intellect. This segment of the event was envisioned by the 2018 Arts Section Chief Akili Samuels and was meticulously organized with the assistance of the Arts Section team: Ashae Collins, Dhriti Singh, Kishore Boopathy, Akshay Umanathan and Precious Usen.

    Following the abrupt withdrawal of one male contestant, the “Mr. Int’l CMU” contestants to take the stage on the evening were: Aldrich Furtal (crowned Mr. Int’l CMU), Nicholas Kaali (1st runner-up), Joshua Blay (2nd runner-up), Mohit Gurjar, and Shivank Verma.  The female contestants were Garvita Singh (crowned Ms. Int’l CMU), Osakwe Chiamaka Maryann (1st runner-up), Rani Kumbhalkar (2nd runner-up), Yogitasgree, Shaik Alveera and Anjali Roy. Their amazing commitment, confidence and charismatic energy filled the auditorium as they lit up the stage with their presence. Sectional prizes were awarded to the contestants; Aldrich walked away with prizes for both “Best Talent (Male)” and “Mr. Charisma”.  “Most eloquent” male & female prizes went to Joshua and Osakwe respectively. “Best Talent (Female)” was awarded to Rani who also managed to secure the “Ms. Congeniality” title.

    We extend a special thanks to Ren and Qu laoshi who both served as judges in this segment along with Michael Xu, Debronique Ellis and Kacharna Bailey.

    The “Student Union & Sports Awards” section of the event was also greatly anticipated by the awardees who were selected based on their outstanding performance and participation in the various activities planned by the student union this year. The Sports section’s awards ceremony was creatively designed by Sports Section Chief Lisandra Malcolm and efficiently executed by members of the Sports Section team. The awards allowed for nominees of various categories such as “Rookie of the Year” and “Sports Personality Of The Year” etc. to boost the morale of students who sacrificed their time and efforts to participate in the sporting events held this year. A total of forty (40) students were awarded by the Sports Section. The Campus Life section award went to one student: Amin Yahya, the Arts Section award went to Davielle Whymns and the Study Section award was given to six (6) students: Deepika Soundararajan, Vikrant, Yogita Shree, Gayathri Baskaran, Shanmathi Sivasamy and Santhana Meganathan.

    The Mr.  & Ms. International CMU Grand Gala and Awards Ceremony was the first event of its kind held in CMU, all students enjoyed the event thoroughly. As a union we believe ‘teamwork made a dream work’, and we hope that this event will continue in the years to come, growing bigger, better and even more grand!