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On-Campus Apartment

The university has two campuses: Xuanwu Gate Campus and Jiangning Campus. All international students are welcomed to live in CPU's on-campus student apartments. 


Only Single rooms available.
Each room is equipped with broadband internet access, landlines, and one air-conditioner. 
Please note that accommodation applications are processed on a first-come, first choice basis, and at present only single rooms are available. 
Residents can use their own private bathrooms, but need to share kitchens and washing machines with their neighbors.

Room Price

About RMB 7500 per person per year (with utilities included)

Off Campus Hotel

International students who intend to study in China Medical University can also live in IBIS Hotel, which is just opposite to the gate of the campus.

Accommodation fee:


130 RMB per day for less than one month, 3000 RMB for one month; 7500 RMB for three months; 13800 RMB for six months. (Water, electricity and internet are free. The hotel fee listed here is for a single room. You can choose to share it with another student. Then the accommodation fee will be shared, too. ).