Chinese Medical University and Denmark Alborg University Cooperation Agreement Signed in Depth

ZhaoQun principal rate the group to visit Denmark aalborg university, and to represent the school and aalborg university signed depth cooperation agreement. In interview, both on Chinese medical university and Denmark aalborg university cooperation in the future development of the thorough discussion, and agreed to further strengthen the cooperation between the two schools and communication, in the last cooperation on the basis of frame, and carry out the wider range, deeper cooperation.

Depth cooperation agreement mainly includes the following several aspects: one is the communication between teachers and students, expand cooperation in professional exchange and cooperation. First of all in the biomedical engineering, medical information, department of education, medical departments, majoring in communication and cooperation and for the clinical medicine, medical and other professional foundation for cooperation of the communication between teachers and students. 2 it is trying to carry out joint training system graduate. Three is trying to carry out the clinical cooperation and communication between hospital. Relying on our school affiliated hospital and aalborg university hospital, the respective advantages of characteristics in clinical academic communication and technical cooperation. Four is determined for further clinical departments of the exchange and cooperation between the intent of technology.