Fees Structure

1. Tuition: 24,000RMB/year

2. Admission deposit: 6,000RMB (explain in notes below)

Within 7 days after receiving the electronic Acceptance Notice, admitted students shall pay 6,000RMB to Weifang Medical University as an “admission deposit” and upload the scanned copy of the deposit remittance to the system. If the admitted applicant comes to the university for registration, the “admission deposit” already paid will be transferred to a part of his/her tuition fee, and the applicant should pay the rest of tuition fee. If the admitted applicant fails to register on time, the “admission deposit” will not be refunded.

3. Registration Fee: 500RMB

4. Accommodation Fee: twin room, 5000RMB/year/person; four-person room, 2500RMB/year/person.

5. Others: physical examination fee, residence permit fee, teaching material fee, insurance fee, etc. are paid according to the actual situation in registration; bedding is purchased voluntarily.