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The School of International Education and Exchange

A Brief Introduction to University of Jinan

  University of Jinan is a comprehensive university accredited by the Ministry of Education. Founded in 1948, University of Jinan is situated in the city of Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, which enjoys the nationwide reputation as the City of Springs. 
  University of Jinan provides undergraduate and graduate education, approved by the Degree Commission of State Council. More than 70,000 graduate and undergraduate students have graduated from the university. 
  University of Jinan covers an area of 2500 mu (166.6 hectares) and a construction area of 800,000 square meters. Currently there are 18 schools and two educational centers. The full-time student enrollment is 27,000 with an additional 11,000 students at the adult education center. 
  University of Jinan has 2,150 full-time faculty and staff with 150 professors, and 560 associate professors. 17 have been granted the government allowance by the State Council, 14 have been honored xcellent Teacher nationally, provincially and by the ministry. 
  The library, which contains a philological searching system with electronic reading room, is completely computerized and digitized. Furthermore, it contains 1.7 million volumes and 3,200 kinds of journals in Chinese and foreign languages. The UJN net, the campus computer system, is connected with CERNET, the China Education and Research Network. It is also connected with the Internet, which can conduct inter exchange worldwide. 
   University of Jinan emphasizes scientific and academic research with 32 institutes and centers. In recent years, the university has successively undertaken 300 items of scientific research, of which 34 teaching and more than 100 scientific research accomplishments have been noted provincially, nationally, and by the ministry, including: he National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) ational Program of 973 ational Natural Science Foundation oundation of Social Science ey Projects of National Science and Technology鈥�. Today, 14 faculty members have won the national eng Xianzi Education Foundation Prize 
   University of Jinan attaches great importance to ties and cooperation with counterparts in foreign countries. It has established sister-school relationship with universities in the United States, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, England, Canada, Australia, etc. Over 100 well-known overseas experts have been engaged as guest and part-time professors of University of Jinan.

Academic Programs
Specialities for Degree Programs
Master Degree Programs:
Master Degree (2years years) Applicants must have Bachelor Degree diploma or above

Applied Chemistry
Computer Applied Technology
Mechanical Electronic Engineering
Developmental and Educational Psychology
Materials Physics and Chemistry
Chemical Technology
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System
Mechanical Design and Theory
Structural Engineering
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics In Foreign Language
Materials Processing Engineering
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Technical Economy and Management
Ancient Chinese Literature

Bachelo Degree Programs:
Bachelor's Degree (3years years) Applicants must have a senior high school diploma or above and an excellent academic record.

Schools  Specialities
School of Chinese and Literature
 Chinese Language and Literature / History / Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language
School of Science
 Information and Computer Science / Mathematics and Applied Mathematics / Physics / Optical Information Science and Technology
School of Law
 Law / Social Work / Labor and Social Security
School of Management
 Information Management and Information System / Electronic Business / Business Administration / Accounting
Foreign Language Institute
 English / Japanese / Korean / German / French
School of Social Science
 Ideological and Political Education / Applied Psychology / General Administration / International Politics
School of Material Science and Engineering
 Material Science and Engineering / Composite Material Engineering / Material Physics
School of Information and Engineering
 Electronic and Information Science and Technology / Computer Science and Technology / Network Engineering / Communication Engineering
School of Cybernetics and Engineering
 Automation / Electronic Engineering and Automation
School of Chemistry and Chemical Industry
 Material Chemistry / Environmental Science / Environmental Engineering / Applied Chemistry / Chemistry / Biotechnology / Chemical Engineering and Technology / Macromolecular Materials and Engineering / Pharmaceutical Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering and Automation / Machine Design and Manufacturing and Their Automation / Industrial Engineering / Industrial Design
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
 Architecture / Civil Engineering / Water Supply and Sewage Engineering / Urban Planning 
School of Economics
 International Economics and Trade / Economics
School of Tourism
 Tourist Management / Cuisine and Nutrition Education
School of Urban Development
 Geography / Resource Management and Urban and Rural Planning / General Administration ( Urban Development )
School of Physical Education
 Physical Education
School of Fine Arts
 Fine Arts / Artistic Designing / General Administration ( Culture and Arts )
College of International Education and Exchange
 Chinese Language Enhancement / Short-term Chinese Language Study / Chinese Culture Study

Specialities for Non-Degree Programs
Chinese Language Enhancement Programs:
Applicants must have a senior high school diploma or above

Chinese Language Enhancement Program
(longer than half year)  Required Courses: Basic Chinese, listening comprehension, conversation, reading, and composition of the Chinese language.
Optional Courses: Ancient Chinese Language, Contemporary Chinese, Professional Chinese, Classic Chinese, Philosophy, Chinese Culture History and Folk Customs, Chinese Calligraphy and Operas, martial arts, Chinese Traditional Handcraft, etc.
Term trips relative historical and cultural sites.
Short-term Chinese Studies Programs
(there are junior intermediate and senior three degrees of classes)
 Basic Chinese, listening comprehension, conversation, reading, and composition of the Chinese language. Chinese history, Brief Introduction of China, language practice, etc. Lessons can also be decided according to specific needs of the student or the group.    

Chinese Traditional Culture Study Programs

Course  Programs
Course on Chinese Culture
(30 days )
 A.       Lecture on Confucianism: Confucius life, creed and education theory            
B.       Qilu Culture: places of interest in Shandon Province, Folk Handcraft and Customs.   
C.       Chinese Culture: China History and Chinese Opera, Folk Music, Painting and Arts, Chinese Calligraphy, Classic Chinese Study
D.       Brief Introduction of Modern China: China Politics, Economics, Education, Law, China Social Structure and Family and Future Outlook of China
 Teaching Hours: 5days/ week (Mornings for studying, afternoons and weekends for traveling )
Term trips: Confucius Mansion, Mountain Tai, and Lingyan Temple (at your own expense).

Program of Chinese Culture
3 months
 History of Chinese Culture; Chinese Opera; Chinese Folk Music; Chinese Painting and Arts; Folk Customs; Chinese Calligraphy; Appreciations on Classic Literature; Confucianism and Qilu Culture
 Teaching hours: 5 days/week, 4 periods/day
Term trips: Confucius Temple, Confucius Mansion, Confucius Family Cemetery, Mount Tai, etc.
Trips can also be decided according to students鈥� specific interest.

Certificate will be awarded to qualified students.
Distinctive Specialities of University of Jinan handong Cuisine Study (5 months)
Courses: Cooking Materials, Introduction of Cuisine, Cooking Arts, Famous Dishes of Shandong Cuisine, Famous Chinese Dishes, Wheaten Food Cooking Arts, and Chinese Cooking Aesthetics.
Arrangement: Frequent training according to the process of theory teaching.

Admission Requirements
  About applicants
The acceptable applicants include those from the students sent by the foreign educational institutions and legal non-governmental organizations and those from the self-paid individuals from foreign countries.
Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.
Required materials
   -Senior high school graduation certificate,
   - For the students from the school of Arts, results in HSK examinations are above level six, level six included. For the students from the school of Science, results in HSK examinations are above level 3, level 3 included. Certificates are required.
   -Graduation certificate or bachelor degree diploma,
   -Two letters of recommendation from two associate professors or higher,
   -Certificate for HSK9.
General Scholar:
   -Having finished the second year in university or above
   Advanced scholar:
   Master degree or be conferred as an Associate professor or higher.
   Chinese language student:
   -Senior high school graduation certificate or above

Enrollment Procedures
Upon acceptance, the University will send the otification of Admission to University of Jinan and the isa Application Form for Foreigners (Form JW202) to the applicants.
With these materials (original form), the applicant may obtain an X visa (study over half Year) or an F visa (study less than half year) on request from the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
After enrolling and paying the required tuition, applicants should finish the procedures for residence in China in Jinan Bureau of Public Security within 30 days. The materials required are the passport, Notification of Admission, Visa Application Form for Foreigners, and Verification of Physical Examination for Foreigners.