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The School of Tourism

About the School

  The School of Tourism of University of Jinan was established in 1990. It is one of the bases that train food and beverage management and travel managerial talents in Shandong. The school has two undergraduate programs: Tourism Management, and Cooking and Nutrition Education, the latter of which is the most high-level in Shandong. There are 1342 students at school in 2006. The number of graduates has been nearly 2300 by July 2006.

   There are 35 faculty and staff in the school, including 2 professors, 7 associate professors, 12 lecturer and experimentalists. 9 of them hold doctoral or master’s degrees. Two teachers are national-level checkers and raters. Seven teachers are senior or junior checkers and raters of Shandong. Brand-new experiments fully meet the requirements of skill training in the school.

  There are more than 30 works and 240 papers published by the teachers. The school has successively undertaken 11 scientific research projects of the province, ministry and the university. 3 of them obtain provincial award, and 3 of them obtain national patent. The professional teachers won the award of “Gold Kitchen” of national professional technique competition in 2003, the silver medal award of 2000, and several provincial first prizes.

  The aims of the school are to learn a popular major well, possess a professional major, obtain a working ability, master a foreign language, and train a domestic and international enterprising spirit. Engaging in innovating, the school provides the professional and English platforms, so as to train senior applied specialized personnel who master both theory and practice.


Academic Research

In recent years, the School of Tourism has put great emphasis on scientific research and places it on the agenda of school affairs. We build a favorable mutual mechanism between teaching and research. At the same time, the outlay, time and teaching installations are also guaranteed. Therefore, a lot of learned scholars come to the forefront. They constitute a growing scientific research team and acquire great achievements. So far, the school has undertaken more than 30 research projects of Shandong Province and University of Jinan, among which there are 4 teaching projects, one patent, almost 10 school prizes and ministry scientific & technical advancement awards. More than 30 monographs and teaching materials have been published. Furthermore, the school totally issue 240 articles in domestic and foreign important newspapers and journals, 4 of which are indexed in SCI, 5 issued on first-class journals and 35 on Chinese core journals.


Courses for postgraduates 

The Major of Hydrology and Water Resource: equation of math and physics; data analysis; data calculation of groundwater; computational hydraulics and hydrology model; estimating and management of water resources; planning theory and technology of water resources; research progress of hydrology and water resource; stochastic hydrology; environmental hydrology and ecological hydrology; environmentally hydrology geology; ecology of water pollution; modeling technology of water resource; systematic analysis and implication of water resource; motioning theory of water substance; data modeling of water environment; technology of remote sensing in hydrology and water resources; technology of the controlling and fathering of water pollution; economics of water resources; theory and technology of modern water information.