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The School of Economic

About the school

 The School of Economics, founded in 2003, is a new school of great potential in University of Jinan. As one of the important schools, it has been playing a major role in the development of University of Jinan. The school has also earned a good reputation for excellent teaching and research. At present, it comprises 58 faculty members, and the total number of professors, associate professors and visiting professors is 25, PhDs 16, master’s degree holders 35. With about 2000 students in four departments, the school offers four-year undergraduate programs in economics, international economy and trade, finance, and postgraduate program in national economics. In order to bring into full play both the faculty and students, the school sets up an administrative system, including an undergraduate office, graduate office, teaching management office, etc. It also establishes several research centers in economy and trade areas, including the center for China Economy Research, the Center for Cycling Economy, the Center for Asia-Pacific International Trade & Cooperation, and the Center for Modern Circulation Economy.

  With the purpose to provide quality education and avail students with a broad knowledge base, the school has established an effective system to combine teaching with research. The system greatly promotes and supports academic research. The entry criteria of our school is quite high in recent years, so only the excellent candidates are selected for the programs. Also, quite a number of courses are delivered bilingually in both English and Chinese. In this way, the school is increasingly getting internationalized. The education and training in our school has paved the way for our students’ bright future.

  So far, the faculty members have published over 500 papers in many leading journals and newspapers, for example, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Economists, Economic Theory and Economic Management, Global Economic Research, etc. And, some of faculty have published several books and compiled over 40 textbooks on economics, such as Modern Market Economics, WTO and China, etc. Moreover, some faculty members have participated in more than 40 research projects, including several projects of National Social Science Fund and Shandong Social Science Fund, and the school has gained about 30 awards for academic excellence. Furthermore, in our school, the focus of education is quality-oriented, paying special emphasis on social practice and field work. The school also maintained close ties with governmental departments, enterprises, and communities for students’ social practice. The school has built up cooperative links with both overseas and domestic universities.

  According to “the Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the school is to set up 3-5 master degree programs, two more bachelor degree programs, and one provincial-level key program in the next few years. The school is trying to become a unique and famous school with around 3000 students, one PhD program, and 30% faculty as PhD holders within five years. The school will offer a wide range of cooperative and innovative opportunities for economists, entrepreneurs and officials. We are eagerly looking forward to have more excellent specialists, scholars, professors and PhD to join us for our common bright future.



The Center for Modern Circulation Economy Research

Research Features:

The center is an academic institution in University of Jinan focusing on China circulation economy in the light of economic globalization. 

As one of leading industries, circulation has been a criterion for accessing competitiveness of one country, region, or city, and for indicating economic development and social prosperity. Moreover, circulation has an important influence on operational quality of national economy. The circulative competitiveness has been an important part of comprehensive national strength. In the past, production and accumulation were always emphasized, instead of circulation and consumption in China. Therefore, our center will make a contribution to finding solutions to new economic phenomenon and problems during the economic reform. We also warmly welcome more specialists to our center. 

With the goal of “creating economic theory, cultivating excellent talents and serving the society & corporations”, the center is to study Chinese modern circulation, to follow the trend of modern circulation, and to develop circulation theory.?


Research fields:
Theory and policy of modern circulation 
Comparison and contrast between Chinese and foreign circulation. 
Chain business, logistics distribution and e-commerce. 
Combination of external and internal trade, combination of trade, industry, and agriculture, establishment of circulation system 
Circulative competitiveness, circulative socialization, and modernization of circulation 
Interaction between city and circulation, and establishment of city circulation system 
Logistics, buying and supply chain management 
Logistics zone, establishment of logistics city and cultivation of circulation talents