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The School of Foreign Languages

About the school 

The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) is one of the most important institutes of Jinan University. It consists of 6 academic departments. They are departments of English, Japanese, Korean, German, French and the College English Teaching Division. At present, its student population is over 1500. SFL offers undergraduate programs in the foreign languages above and post-graduate program in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics as well.
SFL has a very good team of qualified and well-organized faculty and staff members. Of the 152 members, 13 are administrative staff, 38 are professors or associate-professors, and 66 are lecturers. 23 of the teachers have the experience of studying, teaching or working abroad. In order to improve the quality of teaching, SFL has been employing language experts from many foreign countries concerned. 

SFL takes pride in its competent and devoted teaching staff, its hard-working students and its unique feature of scientific research. It has witnessed rapid development in research over the past few years, scoring fruitful results in the study of TG theory, and thus is becoming the research center of TG Theory in Shandong Province. A monograph has already been published, entitled TG Theory of English and plenty of influential research papers concerning the theory have received quite good responses from both the English teaching and linguistic circles.

SFL possesses very good facilities. It boasts its top-class multimedia sound labs, it’s advanced electronic reading-room, a great quantity of AV materials and a whole set of powerful recording and transmitting equipments, which well meet the demands of teaching and learning. In conclusion, SFL of University of Jinan is an ideal cradle for nurturing foreign language majors.



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