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The School of Management

About the School

  The School of Management, one of the key schools of the University of Jinan, comprises 3 departments: the Department of Business Administration, the Department of\~ Management Science and Engineering, and the Department of Accounting; also 3 research institutes: the Institute of Modern Management, the Institute of Enterprises Development, and the Institute of International Accounting. It offers five undergraduate programs in information management and information system, business administration, accounting,electronic commerce, as well as the two-year programs in marketing, securities and investment. It also offers postgraduate program in technological economics and management. It co-offers a two-year program in business administration with the Lansbridge University, Canada. There are 3400 full-time students, including 7 international students from Indonesia and South Korea.

    The school currently has 112 members of faculty and staff, 10 of whom are professors, 31 associate professors. Among the faculty, 6 have received their doctorate degree, 32 have received their degree of master, and 10 are supervisors of the degree of master candidates. Over the recent years, the school has undertaken 20 research programs funded by the National Social Science Foundation, by the Shandong provincial government or by the Ministry of Education, and cooperatively undertaken 10 research programs with some enterprises. It has published more than 10 monographs and 600 papers, holding a pioneering position in the research of investment and finance in the country. The school has won more than 20 awards for its teaching and research achievements.

    The school boasts of very good teaching conditions. It has adhered to the thought of enhancing the students\rquote ability of creation and adaptation on the basis of a solid knowledge foundation. Over the recent years, our students have won one state-level silver prize and two special prizes, as well as three first prize and four others at the provincial-level in the national \ldblquote Challenge Cup\rdblquote contest for the Chinese university students. Its graduates are very welcome in the society.

    Our school sincerely welcomes talents at home and abroad to join us and jointly create a glorious future in the 21st century.



  Business administration is a comprehensive applied discipline, aiming at the study of decision-making, organizing, superintending, mediating and controlling on the basis of the sciences of economics, management, calculation, behavior, and systematic methods combined in the management practice of the business enterprises and the non-profit-oriented organization. It is the primary discipline of the study of management.

    The department currently has 33 professional teaching staff, including 6 professors, 7 PhD and doctorate candidates, 7 associate professors. The teachers who have received their degree of master or doctorate amount to 70% of the total, forming a well-structured teaching and research team of creative energy. Over the recent 5 years, the department has undertaken nearly 50 research programs, including 4 research programs funded by the National Social Sciences Foundation and over 20 provincial-level research

    programs, with a fund of over a million Yuan(RMB).

    The department consists of the Institute of Enterprise Development, the Lab of Business Management, the Teaching and Research Office of Management Practice, and the Teaching and Research Office of Marketing and Economic Finance. Its student body has reached more than 1200, including 7 international students.

    The Department of Business Administration offers one postgraduate program in technological economics and management and 2 undergraduate programs in business administration and marketing.

    The major of business administration (including finance and financing management, marketing, human resource management) aims at training conscientious talents of organization and management with the ability of administrative decision-making, organization, mediation and control of business operation needed by the society and enterprises as well as by educational and research institutions.

    This major attaches importance to the training of students\rquote applied and practical ability and to the intensifying of students\rquote comprehensive quality. Based on the Business Administration Lab, the students are systematically trained to practice supply chain management, market investigation and forecast, market and customer decision, organizational operation management, human resources management, business administration, investment analysis, and ERP systematic business practice. In the meantime, case teaching model is adopted in the teaching of the major courses, which characterizes the advantage and feature of the major and helps promote students\rquote ability of practice and adaptation.

    The main courses of this major are: the study of management, the western economics, technological economics, the study of marketing, management information system, statistics, accountancy, financing management, operation management, enterprise strategy management, human resources management, product quality supervising, the study of organizational behavior, cases of business administration, and economic law.

    The optional courses of the major are: specialized English, international financial management, internet financing practice, the study of insurance, lease practice, project appraisement, transnational operation theory and practice, international marketing, business negotiation, marketing management psychology, the study of advertisement, technological creation and management, management of small and medium-sized enterprises, professional psychology, professional education and its training and management, chain business and management, society and negotiation skills, and document searching.

    The major of marketing aims at training conscientious talents with the ability of management decision making, marketing, law and market operation. Giving the ability of practicing marketing and management in enterprises, institutions and government departments, non-profit-oriented organizations, as well as those talents needed by the society and enterprises, as well as by educational and research institutions.

    The main courses of this major include: modern management, micro economics, macro economics, management information system, marketing, international marketing, electronic business, consumer behavior, advisement, public relations, market investigation and forecast, accountancy, financing management, statistics, and economic law.

    The optional courses for the major are: internet marketing, specialized English, marketing decision model, CI theory and practice, marketing planning, finance and credit, import and export business, international investment, transnational operation, international business law, sales promotion management, marketing strategy, marketing of the non-profit-oriented organizations, cases of marketing practice, human resource management, operational management, and international business.

    The postgraduate program in technological economics and management orients its research in the following studies: the study of the development of finance and economy, investment decision making analysis and project management, finance engineering and economic statistics analysis, technological creation and knowledge management, urban investment and investment and financing management.


Academic Research

    Research fields: the study of enterprise investment and investment and financing management, the study of knowledge capital and human resource management, the study of project appraisement and management, technological creation and knowledge management, the study of enterprise development and management, the study of marketing practice, the study of urban development, the study of enterprise ethics, the study of circulatory economy and industrial cluster.