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The School of Mechanical Engineering

  The School of Mechanical Engineering, under the direct jurisdiction of The University of Jinan, offers four undergraduate majors of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Design, and Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, and a China-UK Joint Program of Mechanical Engineering and Automation accredited by the Ministry of Education. It offers one first-level discipline of Mechanical Engineering for master’s degree programs, which covers six second-level disciplines of Mechatronics Engineering, Machine Design and Theory, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Industrial Design. It also offers master’s degree of engineering in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Logistics Engineering, and Project Management. Currently, its full-time student enrollment totals 2,600.


  There are 107 staff members in the school, among which there are 94 teaching and research staff, 24 professors and 43 associate professors; 98% of the staff owns a doctorate or master's degree. The school boasts a high-level teaching and research team, consisting of distinguished teachers and experts of the middle-aged with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province. Currently, the school undertakes more than 70 projects, including teaching reform pilot projects supported by the Ministry of Education, national key projects of science and technology, national 863 projects and national natural science funds. In recent 5 years, more than 30 projects have obtained provincial and ministerial awards.


  The major of Mechanical Engineering and Automation is a quality program at the state level; Mechatronics Engineering and Machine Manufacturing and Automation are key disciplines at the provincial level; the Lab for Mechanized Equipment Design and Simulation in the school is a key laboratory of universities in Shandong Province. Covering an area of 18,000 square meters, the Mechanical Engineering Experiment Building boasts advanced laboratory equipment for cutting, testing, control, virtual simulation and rapid prototyping. In addition, the Training Center for National CAD Application Network, the Training Base for Innovation Methods in Shandong Province, Shandong CNC Training Center, and Training Certification Center authorized by SolidWorks are located in the school.


  The school lays emphasis on teaching and learning, and improving the innovation ability of students. A number of student societies/organizations in the school have been awarded the National Volunteer Service Advanced Team, Shandong Province Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, and a number of the science and technology works made by the students won the golden prizes of Challenge Cup, and Business Plan Competition and Technological Works Competition. Our graduates are very competitive in the labor market for their excellent quality of practical, innovative abilities, solid foundation of professional and pragmatic work style. The annual employment rate of school is up to 95%.