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The School of Control Science and Engineering

The School of Control Science and Engineering

The School of Control Science and Engineering is the successor of the Department of Control Engineering which was established in 1978. The school has two undergraduate programs--- Automation, Electrical Engineering & Automation, and three master programs including Control Theory and Control Engineering, Mode Recognition and Intelligence System as well as Measurement Techniques and Automatic Devices. There are two departments (Department of Automation and Department of Electrical Engineering & Automation), three research institutes, and six teaching and research centers in the school at present. There are more than 50 postgraduates and 1000 full-time undergraduates currently. 


    The school has 56 faculty members, including 7 professors/chief researchers, and 25 associate professors/senior laboratory assistants, 11 master supervisors, and 80% of them have MS or Ph D. 

    The school possesses the solid strength of scientific research. A large number of scientific researches have been completed and fruitful achievements in the development of science and technology were achieved. These achievements have been applied in many relative manufacturing and technical areas. In the recent 5 years, the school has completed more than 30 scientific research projects, with 6 provincial awards and more than 100 scientific and technological theses. 

    There are excellent teaching and experimental equipment and installations in the school. The Experiment Center, with 6000 square meters, provides an excellent place for undergraduates from both the school and the University to carry out teaching and experiments concerning AC_DC motor speed control system, distributed control system, experimental logistics system, programmable logic controller (PLC), computer simulation, motion control, and Virtual Instrument.