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  Enrollment Procedures Upon acceptance, the University will send the “Admission Notice” and the “Visa Application Form for Foreigners”(Form JW202) to the applicants. With these materials (original form), the applicant may obtain an X visa (study over half Year) or an F visa (study less than half year) on request from the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate. After enrolling and paying the required tuition, applicants should finish the procedures for residence in China in Jinan Bureau of Public Security within 30 days. The materials required are the passport, Notification of Admission, Visa Application Form for Foreigners, and Verification of Physical Examination for Foreigners.



  Study in Jinan

  As the capital of Shandong Province on China's east coast, Jinan is the political, economic and cultural hub of the procince. Jinan has jurisdiction over five districts (Lixia, Licheng, Huaiyin, Tianqiao and Shizhong), four counties (Changqing, Pingyin, Shanghe and Jiyang) and Zhangqiu City. It covers a total area of 8,227 sq. km with 5.49 million people, 2.54 million of them being urban people. With a warm-temperate continental monsoon climate and clear-cut seasonal changes, Jinan has an average annual temperature of 14℃.

Owing to its long history, Jinan has been made by the State Council as a famous historical and cultural city. It is known as the "City of Springs, for it boasts a number of natural springs amid picturesque scenery, The city tree of Jinan is the willow, and the city flower is the lotus.

Recent years, Jinan has become part of China's open coastal area in 1990, enhancing its pace of opening to the outside world.It is known to all that Jinan is a center of communications of railways, expressways and air transport in Shandong. Jinan International Airport operates more than 30 regular flights to Hongkong, Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other cities. There is an increasing number of international students living and studying in Jinan. All in all, Jinan is well connected with other places in Shandong, other cities in China and foreign countries


  Courses in Jinan

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   Living on Campus

  Life on campus is very convenient and safe. Most Chinese students will choose to live in the dormitories on campus because of its reasonable prices, complete facilities and safe surroundings. Most of china’s universities provide international students dormitories for foreign students. Usually there are single-room, double-room and three-room dormitories for foreign students. The students can choose what they like. Most of the dormitories are equipped with necessary facilities including internet access, TV, basic furniture, toilet, telephone or even kitchens. Universities in the north also provide heaters in winter. As to the fees it is quite reasonable. However, the prices vary greatly from 20 RMB/day to 100 RMB/day determined by different universities and different types of dormitories.


Dormitories on campus of China’s Universities:



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 Many international students coming to Jinan are attracted by the aromatic, scrumptious, fresh and pure dishes there. The methods of cooking used in the preparation of local foods vary a great deal, including deep-frying, grilling, frying and stir-frying. Nutritious soup is an important feature of Jinan cuisine. Many dishes have gained the nationwide fame, such as Sweet and Sour Carp, Fried Pork Chitterlings and Jinan Roast Duck, which are very popular local delicacies.

Lu cuisine has a long history and far-reaching influence in China. It has constituted a crucial part of Chinese culinary culture. Just like the Chuan dishes of Sichuan, the Canton Cuisine of Gunagdong, and the Xiang dishes of Hunan, Shandong is well-known for its Lu dishes, and Jinan is home to the Lu Cuisine, one of the four cuisines in China. Lu Cuisine refers to Shangdong dishes, featuring dense taste and favor of shallot and garlic, especially apt at the cooking of seafood, soup and a variety of bowels. Famous flavored dishes include Dezhou braised boneless chicken, braised Yellow River carp with sweet and sour taste and so on.

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 by plane


The airport is situated about 33 kilometres (21 mi) northeast of the city center of Jinan and to the north of the town of Yaoqiang which the airport's name is derived from. The airport is connected to the Jiqing (Jinan – Qingdao) and Jingfu (Beijing – Fuzhou) expressways by road. Covering an area of about 56.8 acres, Jinan International Airport is one of China's top airports. It is also the largest passenger airport in Shandong.

 By Shuttle Bus

1. From the downtown Jinan to the airport: You can take the bus in front of Yuquan Simpson Hotel and Bus Station in Railway Station Square The bus runs every an hour from 6:00 to 19:00. 
2. From the airport to the downtown Jinan: Exit Gate 3, 4, 1/F, Arrival Hall

First Flight arrival till 18:00: airport bus run to Jinan Railway Station
After 18:00: the bus run to Yuquan Simpson Hotel

The bus fare is CNY20 and the whole journey takes about an hour. It cost over CNY100 to take a taxi from the airport to the city center, Quancheng Square, or the Sofitel Silver Plaza in the downtown Jinan.Besides, there are also direct buses running between Jinan airport to other cities in Shandong Province.

By Taxi

You may find that taxis are a cheap option in Jinan. Fares start at RMB 7 or RMB 9 (depending on the make of car) which covers the first 3kilometers of your trip, with a surcharge of between RMB1.5 and RMB2.5 for every additional kilometer. If you cannot speak Chinese, make sure that you have a map, or know the name of your destination in Chinese. The taxi services are well developed in Jinan. It can take you anywhere you want to go.


By train

There are two railway stations in Jinan: Jinan Railway Station and Jinan East Railway Station. The former one is the largest in Shandong Province. Railway lines Beijing-Shanghai and Qingdao-Jinan pass and stop at Jinan City. It also connects Jinan with other large cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lianyungang, Xian, Urumqi and Hangzhou, etc.

A ticket office is located on the west side on Floor 1 of Jinan Railway Station. Tickets can be purchased one week in advance and it also deals with the return of tickets. A word of warning: it is a common phenomenon that during the May Day and National Day Holidays, either air tickets or the train tickets are in short supply due to huge demand.

Jinan East Railway Station is the stopover from trains operating between Qingdao-Dandong, Qingdao-Taiyuan and Beijing-Weihai. 

Railway Station Inquiry Numbers: 0531-86012520, 86943693, 95001818, 96519


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In spare time , you can throw away the study burden and choose to go to the bar or KTV, enjoying delicious wine and singing with your friends. That's really good choice for you to relax and make new friends fro mdifferent countries. 






  Shopping is for some a great enjoyment when traveling. Besides visiting the tourist attractions, you can have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs. As the capital city of Shandong Province, Jinan is a venue for products from the whole province. In the shopping malls, souvenir stores or the street stands, you may be sure to find something that will serve as a pleasant reminder of your visit here.
    Quancheng Lu, Daguan Yuan, Renmin Shangchang and the South Gate areas are the four big commercial districts of the city. Of these, Quancheng Lu is the best place to go. There are numerous stores on Quancheng Lu including the Guihe Shopping Center, the city's largest shopping center, the Jinan Department Store, the Xinhua Book Store as well as stores selling world-famous brand name goods.

Yingxiong Shan Culture Market, located at 46, Ma'an Shan Lu, Shizhong District, is a large market selling books, antiques, calligraphy works and painting, root carvings and so on.

Luokou Clothes Market is located in the area between the north of Xiaoqinghe (Xiaoqing River) and the south of the tieluqiao. It is a market providing the services of clothes processing, distribution and other related services.


Jinan Specialties

Embroidery: Jinan embroidery is namely Lu Xiu (Shandong Embroidery, Lu is short for Shandong Province.) Jinan's embroidery is famous for the Hair Embroidery and Silk Embroidery. The Fa Xiu (Hair Embroidery) is made with human hair. Chinese 'ink wash' painting made this way is really beautiful and true-to-life.

Mian Su (Flour Sculpture), namely the Dough Doll, is made of glutinous rice flour and dyes and antiseptics of different colors. Only by using fingers and simple tools such as, knives, combs, and bamboo needles, the lifelike sculptures are shaped.

Muyu Shi (Wooden-Fish Stone), the Wood-Veins Stone, is the russet stone that can be made into crafts. The tea sets made of it can delay the corruption of tea and can separate out various microelements and minerals helpful to human body.

Black Pottery, an ancient pottery species popular 4000 years ago, is found in Longshan Town of Jinan, and is part of Longshan Culture. It has historic value for it is an important symbol to distinguish the earlier and the latter periods of the Neolithic Age.

E Jiao: originated in Dong'e County of Jinan, hence the name. E Jiao, ginseng and alter are three precious traditional Chinese medicines. It is made from the donkey skin and the natural water from Langxi River. It can be made into health care products and E Jiao food, etc.

Walnut is one of the export products in Jinan. Zhipi Walnut is the most reputed ones. Zhipi (skin of the paper) indicates the thin shell of the walnut easy to peel off. As we know that the walnut is has a rich nutritious element. It is helpful to human's nervous system, trachea problem and the long-lasting cough.



Places for shopping
Silver Plaza Shopping Mall: No. 66, Luoyuan Dajie (Luoyuan Avenue), Jinan
Jinan Hualian Shopping Mall: No. 571, Jing'er Lu, Jinan
Guihe Shopping Center: No. 1, Tiandi Tan Jie, Lixia District, Jinan

Antique Shops

Shandong Crafts Shop: No. 188, Jingsi Lu, Jinan
Shandong Antique Shop: No. 1, Gongqingtuan Lu, Jinan

Jinan Tourist Goods Shopping Center: F1, Jinan Tourist Bus Station (East Bus Station), No. 71, Yingxiong Shan Lu, Jinan

Useful Numbers

China Country Code Number: 0086 
Jinan City Code Number: 0531
Emergency & Most Commonly Used 

Fire: 119
First Aid: 120 
Police Station: 110
Check Telephone Number: 114
Telephone Failure Complaining (free): 112
Weather Report: 121
Report a Traffic Accident: 122
China Telecom: 10000
China Mobile: 10086
China Network: 10060 
China Tietong: 10050
China Unicom: 10010
Life & Maintenance 

Water Supply Hotline: 0531-82051190, 82064410
Electricity Supply Hotline: 0531- 95598, 800-860-1188
Gas Supply Hotline: 0531-82971190
Cable TV Service Tel: 0531-82601666 
Gas Maintenance Tel: 0531-82989711  
Tourism Complaint Tel: 0531-82963423
Environmental Protection Calls Center: 0531-86163241
Legal Aid Hotline: 12348
Qilu Hospital: 0531-82169114
Shandong Provincial Hospital: 0531-87938911
Shandong Traditional Chinese Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital: 0531- 82436777
Jinan Children's Hospital: 0531-87964990, 87964992
Jinan Maternity and Children Healthcare Hospital: 0531-82060983
Shandong Cancer Hospital: 0531-87984777
Shi'erming Eye Hospital: 0531-82862666
Railway, Aviation & Courier 

Information Desk of Jinan Airport: 0531-96888 
Ticket Office of Jinan International Airport: 0531-82080888
Ticket Office of CICC: 0531-82080777
Information Desk of Jinan Railway Station: 0531-96519, 95001818
Ticket Office of Jinan Railway Station: 0531-82428862
Information Desk of Jinan Long Distance Bus Station: 0531-86369
Lianyun Bus Station: 0531-86910789
Taxi Supervision: 0531-12319
ZJS Express: 400-6789-000
China Railway Express Co., Ltd.: 95105366
STO Express: 0531-88632305, 88632306, 88632307 
DHL-Sinotrans.: 800-810-8000
TNT: 800-820-9868, 400-820-9868

Bank of China: 0531-95566
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC): 0531-95588
China Bank of Construction: 0531-95533
Agricultural Bank of China: 0531-95599
China Merchants Bank: 0531-95555 
China Everbright Bank: 0531-95595
Jinan City Commercial Bank: 0531-96588