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Why choose Shandong University

First-class teaching, first-class teachers

Preparatory class for refreshing your Chinese

Length of schooling: half a year to one year
Goal to lay a solid linguistic foundation for pursuing study
Half a year's study will enable you to reach grade 3/4 of HSK so as to meet the language requirement of average specialties.
One year's study will promote your Chinese level to grade 6 in HSK, suiting the need of learners majoring in Chinese literature, history, and philosophy.

General Chinese studies-to improve your Chinese skill and learn about Chinese culture

Length of schooling: half a year to one year
All the courses are classified into the major, the subsidiary and the optional; each class is further divided into 3-9 degrees, which may suit the students of various levels.
Half a year's study may enable you to improve Chinese by a 2/3-level promotion in HSK.
Advanced Chinese studies class is open to students already engaged in their majors so as to further promote their Chinese level.
1.A ten-day period will be set aside for field trips to other parts of the country for teaching purpose.
2.Cultural tours relevant to lectures will be organized every term, such as attending the Mount Tai International Mountaineering Festival, the Qufu Confucius-culture Festival, and the Xuzhou Han-culture festival; and visiting Han-dynasty tombs in Jinan as well as other scenic spots.

Short-term studies of Chinese language or culture:a good way to experience Chinese life and make friends with Chinese people

Shandong University is open throughout the year to foreigners who prefer short-term studies; in fact, summer and winter sessions are offered every year in the College of International Education for foreigners interested in the study of Chinese language and culture. Both individual and group applicants will be accepted.
Short-term study of Chinese language-to improve your Chinese competence quickly with an emphasis laid on the training of oral and listening skills
The length of the study, which is available throughout the year, ranges from one to eight weeks with 20 to 24 teaching hours per week.
It accepts both individual and group applicants.
The class, consisting of three levels--elementary, intermediate, and advanced, is open to students with slightest knowledge of Chinese as well as those competent in the language.
It offers such courses as elementary Chinese, Chinese speaking, oral and listening practice, introduction to China, and language practice etc.; or the courses can be decided through negotiation with group applicants.
Culture study-to approach Chinese culture and exchange your insights into it
The length of the study ranges from one to four weeks with 14 to 20 teaching hours per week.
The form of study: lectures on specified topics, talk with experts, and field trips
Group applicants are accepted.
Selective topics: Confucius and Confucianism, the doctrine of Mozi, the Book of Change, the art of war initiated by Sunzi, Qilu culture, Chinese history, and contemporary China etc.
The expense depends on the length and content of study in addition to the itinerary of travel.
Cultural tour study-to investigate the local customs and conditions and visit scenic spots
The length of the study is about one or two weeks.
The form of study: lectures on specified topics, visiting and observing
Group applicants are accepted.
Selective topics and itineraries (including winter session and summer session): Capitals in ancient China (Beijing-Xi'an-Luoyang);Historic sites in Shandong (with the theme "one mountain, one river, and one sage", namely Mount Tai, the Yellow River, and Confucius), Exploring traditional arts and folklore, like Peking opera, Chinese painting and calligraphy, kite-making, pottery, paper-cutting, woodcutting, martial art, cuisine etc.
The expense depends on the length and content of study in addition to the itinerary of travel.

First-class teaching, first-class teachers

Being one of the most important bases for cultivating foreign students, Shandong University has been engaged in the field of teaching Chinese to foreigners for over forty years.
Creative teaching method will satisfy the need of every student.
Thanks to the scientific system of testing and upgrading, a student will always find himself doing his best within a suitable class.
A great deal of language practice is designed to improve the students' communicative competence in Chinese.
A strict system for appraising teaching quality ensures that the teachers will maintain their diligence and competence