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Introduction to SPU

Shandong province, located in the east coastal part of China and the lower reach of the Yellow River, is well-known as the auspicious birthplace of Qilu Culture and the hometown of Confucius. As the only light-industry-based higher education institution in Shandong Province, Shandong Institute of Light Industry (SPU) is situated in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong, a famous historical and cultural city known as the City of Springs. 

The University covers an area of 1,441,600 square meters with a floor space of 642,100 square meters. It consists of 13 schools, 1 department, and 1 Technical Center. Courses are offered in 7 major academic fields: engineering, science, literature, arts, economics, management, law and medicine. There're 54 undergraduate degree programs and 56 master degree programs in the university. Presently, there are 21,404 full time students on the campus, including 722 post-graduates.campus

The University possesses an abundant of scientific research facilities, strong teaching staff, as well as favorable studying environment. There're now one Key Lab cobuilt by the National Education and Provincial Education Department, 7 Provincial Key Labs, 4 Special Provincial Subjects, 8 Provincial Technology Research Centers cobuilt by Enterprises and our university. In recent years, the University has carried out over 400 national and provincial research subjects and has been granted 6 National Awards and 40 Provincial Awards. The strong teaching staff consists of 1,139 full-time teachers including 520 professors or associate professors. 791 teachers, that is, nearly 70% of all the teaching staff have master's or doctoral degree.

There are 2 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 member of the Chinese Academy of Science, 3 Chair Professor of "Mount Tai Scholar", 4 commissioners of HEI Professional Teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education in the institute. There're also 14 Experts enjoying Special Allowance of the State Council, 16 National or Provincial Excellent Teachers, 4 Candidates of the National New Century Millions of Talents Project, 3 Candidate of New Century Talents Project of the Ministry of Education, and many other outstanding teachers with magnificent achievements.

Shandong Polytechnic University has also been very active in international exchanges and cooperations. Over the years, it has established a broad international network for educational cooperations with over 30 universities or research institutions from more than 10 countries, namely, Canada, UK, Finland, Germany, Australia, the U.S.A., Japan, and Denmark.