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Love in China university of Petroleum : 2014 Commencement Held

On 26, June, China university of Petroleum (UPC) 2014 Commencement was held in Qingdao campus. Overall 6101 graduates attended the ceremony to celebrate their graduation. Alumni, parents, teachers were also invited to witness the exciting and unforgettable moment.

2014 Commencement is held.

This year, among the graduates,  there are 4558 undergraduates, 1450 postgraduates, 74 doctors and 19 international students. 

President Shan Honghong delivers a speech of "Cherish" to give advice and wishes for graduates.

In her speech, Shan Honghong emphasized the importance of dreams and responsibility and expected that students will value what their have and hold fast to their dreams. She aslo gave best wished for graduates. 

Alumnus Li Yang (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering) encourages graduates to work hard and make contribution to the university in the future. 

Li Yang shared his experience in UPC more than thirty years ago with students. He said, graduates should remember what they have learned, keep in touch with the university and conern for its development. 

Parent representative, Li Lihua, expresses thanks to the university.

On behalf of all graduates, Mengjuan and Xiepeng recite a poem "Today, We will graduate." for the university.

Students are happy to attend the commencement.

Students are celebrating their graduation.

Shan Honghong awards degrees for graduates.

An international student receives the degree.