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China University of Petroleum(Huadong) has two campuses, one is Dong Ying Campus, the other is Tsingtao Campus. And the international students are mainly in Tsingtao Campus.

New students are welcomed to live on campus. There are two international student dormitory buildings (No. 8 & 9 Building) with a total capacity of about 400 students in Tsingtao Campus of CPU.

The dormitories are equipped with bathrooms, balconies, hot water shower and power available 24 hours a day. 

Accommodation Fees


1.  A room deposit of RMB 1000 at check in is refundable at check out if there is no room damage.

2. Students have 60 KWH of electricity free of charge every month. Electricity is RMB 0.55/KWH and subject ot change by govermment

3. Room central heating is free of charge in winther 

4. students pay their own internet access fee

5. Six double rooms on east end and west end from floor 3 and floor 12 are charged extra RMB 5/day and RMB 100/month due to their larger space compared with regular double rooms.

Photos of Accommodation(click to enlarge)




Double Room