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Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Teaching Medium: English
Degree Awarded: Bachelor's Degree
Entry Requirements: High School Graduate
Duration: 4 Years
Starting Date: Sep.2020
Application Deadline: Apr 30, 2020
Tuition Fee:
CNY 30,000 per year
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

Why choose to study this program?

This program is offered by School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, one of the most powerful college of Beihang University and among Rank 8 in mechanical engineering programs.

Main Courses

Mechanical Drawing, Mechanics of Materials, Theoretical Mechanics, Science of Engineering Materials, Theory and Machines and Mechanisms, Fundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering.

Main practical teaching links: computer experiment courses, computer training, course design and production practice and graduation design, the general practice teaching of not less than 30 weeks.

Major experiments: complete at least one of the professional direction of a group of professional laboratory, etc

Please click here to view the curriculum schedule.

  Please click here to download the curriculum schedule.

Internship and Career Development

Advanced engineering and technical personnel having basic knowledge and applied ability in machinery design and manufacture, and being able to work in the first line as to design and manufacture machinary, develop science, apply research, manage operations and other aspects in the fields of mechanical manufacturing.

Diploma Awarded

Master of Engineering

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Teacher Highlight

Qixian Zhang(professor, member of  Chinese Academy of Engineering)


Guanghua Zong(distinguished professor of BUAA)



1. Applicants are expected to study hard, observe the Chinese laws and the regulations of BUAA

2. Applicants should have the equivalent of a high school education

3. Applicants are expected to have good scores and studied hard in high school

4. Applicants should be under thirty five years old in general

5. Applicants should have good command of English and the ability to take courses in English; Applicants are required to submit the certificates of 90 or more in TOEFL, 5.5 or more in IELTS or any other proofs about English level. All the applicants should pass the English Level Test at the beginning of the first semester in BUAA
1. Photocopy of valid passport 

A copy of the passport identification page

2. Passport photo 

A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant

3. High school academic transcript 

The transcripts of academic records in high school

4. High school graduate certificate 

Graduation certificate in languages other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and be certified by notarization.

Financial Proof 

5. A certificate from the financial guarantor of the applicant

6. Health certificate 

Required during application.Photocopy of notarized foreigner physical examination record (for durations of study over 6 months)

You can download a template or sample from here.