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International Economy & Trade

Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree Awarded: Bachelor's Degree
Entry Requirements: High School Graduate
Duration: 4 Years
Starting Date: Oct.2024
Application Deadline: Sep 23, 2024
Tuition Fee:
CNY 18,000 per year
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
HSK: Level 3
Schools: School of Finance & Economics

Teaching Objectives

This program aims at the cultivation of advanced, specialized and interdisciplinary talents for doing business and management in foreign economic & trade sectors and multinational companies and for doing research on teaching in teaching & research institutions. Graduates will have a good mastery of the fundamentals of economics, basic theories and practice of international trade, the development of modern international economics & trade, the social, economic, and cultural conditions of major trading partners, and the present status of modern science & technology and future trends with proficiency in English. Graduates will be familiar with the prevailing rules and practices of international trade as well as China’s foreign economic & trade policies and regulations.

Duration of Study

The study of International Economics and Trade (IET) program lasts 4 years in all and is composed of four type course.

The Key Courses

The key courses which will be instructed in the 4 years include:

Principles of Management International finance
Microeconomics Theory of international trade
Macroeconomics Practice of international trade
Accounting International marketing
Statistics World economy
Money & banking Commodity studies of foreign trade
Econometrics Multinational management
International technology trade International business negotiation

Books and Teaching Materials

1."Social credit management systems - theory, model, system and mechanism"

2. "Essentials of modern enterprise internal audit"
3. "Sales Fundamentals"

School of Finance & Economics

The School of Finance and Economics of Jiangsu University was formally established in April, 2006 and is combined by four subordinate departments: International Economic and Trade Department, Accounting, Statistics and Finance. 

The faculty members of School of Finance and Economics have undertaken more than 50 projects of various kinds and levels, including 5 national projects, 26 provincial or ministry level projects and over 50 municipal and department level projects since 2006, of which 20 awards are of provincial and ministry level and 7 awards are of municipal department level. The fund of longitudinal scientific research totals more than RMB 2 million, while its horizontal research contracts totals more than RMB 2.5 million. About 300 papers of the school have appeared in the Chinese core academic journals or more important journals and magazines and 9 monographs and treatises have been published. The research team on Statistics has been awarded “Research innovative team of college level of Jiangsu University”, and in 2010, it successfully became the statistical scientific research base of Jiangsu Province. The research center of innovative economy has been granted the key construction base of Humanities and Social sciences of Jiangsu Province.

Note:It opens only when there are over 10 applicants.

1.Be in good health condition, which accords with the Health Standard for International Students  stipulated by the China Education Department;

2.Have senior high school diploma and good academic record;

3.Have certain Chinese language ability;

4.Have good moral character and obey the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and regulations of the university. Respect Chinese social customs  and habits.

1Photocopy of valid passport
With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included.

2Passport-sized photo
A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

3. Graduation certificate of high school
Graduation certificate should be in Chinese or English.If not, it should be translated into Chinese or English and be notarized.

4. Academic transcript of high school

5. HSK Certificate (No need for English-taught program)
Level 3 or above

6Health certificate(optional)
Photocopy of physical examination record.

7Financial guarantee letter
Photocopy of the signatured financial guarantee letter from his/her financial guarantor to prove their solvency.