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Chinese Language Course

Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree Awarded: Non-Degree
Entry Requirements: Any education background is acceptable
Duration: 1 Year
Hours/Week: N/A
Starting Date: Sep.2024
Application Deadline: Aug 10, 2024
Tuition Fee:
CNY 17,000 In total
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

Course Brief Introduction

Wuhan University offer courses for overseas students who wishing to study Chinese for up to two years but not for a degree. A non-degree student will be issued a certificate of completion of studies upon conclusion of learning provided the relevant requirements have been met. One who has failed to meet the requirements will be issued a transcript.

General Information
We provide Chinese language courses for international students who are taught by our professional teachers teaching Chinese to foreigners. They train the students from the aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
To guarantee the teaching quality, we will divide the students into different classes from beginning, junior, middle and senior levels according to their Chinese language proficiency. The number of students in each class is strictly kept small.

Types of the Class
Chinese traditional culture class, Chinese language and culture class, Chinese martial arts and qigong class, Chinese culture tourism class, etc.; meanwhile other classes can be run in the light of the two parties' cultural exchange agreement.

Teaching Content
To strengthen the students' ability to express themselves orally in Chinese and their command of Chinese language and culture, offered for them are the courses concerning respectively the literature of ancient China, the arts of Beijing opera, Chinese calligraphy art, the art of traditional Chinese painting, Chinese martial arts, Chinese taijiquan, Chinese swordsmanship, Chinese tourist culture, Chinese food (or: dietary) culture, Chinese folkways culture, etc., also offered are lectures on special topics and after-class learning, usually in a combined way.

Application Deadline 
For Autumn Semester: March 1 to August 15;
For Spring Semester: October 8 to December 20

Other expenses
The medical, living and teaching material costs are paid by the students themselves.

1) All required materials must be in Chinese or English;
2) The applications materials and related documents will not be returned.
3) The application requirements and application period will change according to real situations.
4) Admitted student please pay the tuition fee in cash when registration. Foreign currency or check is not acceptable.


Application Deadline 
For Autumn Semester: March 1 to June 20;
For Spring Semester: October 8 to December 20


Application Deadline 
For Autumn Semester: March 1 to June 20;
For Spring Semester: October 8 to December 20


1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens

2. Applicants must be age of 16 or above

3. With a valid passport

1. Photocopy of valid passport

With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included. 

2. Passport-sized photo
A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.