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Q:What does SICAS do for International students?


SICAS offers one-stop service for International students to study in China equipped with assistance 
on the selection of the ideal university's program and online application followed by keeping track of 
admission status. Moreover, SICAS service is also available for International students in the week of
their arrival in China. 

SICAS provides 24/7 consultation and gives you a response within one day, and SICAS offers a accommodation booking service which can save your time and solve your worris about this. SICAS provides professional advice and support on studying in China for each individual, and it can help international students get universities' latest information of enrollment and studying in China.

SICAS provides the following services for International students: 

Making a Choice 

Applying Online 

Upon Your Arrival in China

SICAS is dedicated to providing entire helpful service to make your stay in China pleasant and convenient. 
Please reach us at when in need of help.