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Q:How to get to Donghua University (Songjiang Campus) from the Pudong International Airport?

         By subway and bus (76.5 km)
Step 1: Walk about 70 meters from Pudong airport to Pudong International Airport Station.
Step 2: Take subway line 2 for 14 stations and arrive at Century Avenue Station.
Step 3: Take subway line 9 for 20 stations and arrive at Songjiang University Town Station.
Step 4: Walk about 110 meters and arrive at Jiasong South Road (Meijia Bang Road) Station.
Step 5: Take Songjiang bus 18 for 2 stations and arrive at Renmin North Road (Guangfulin Road) Station 6. Walk about
220 meters and arrive at Songjing Campus of Donghua University.

Songjiang Campus of Donghua University on the map
         By taxi
You could also take a taxi, below are useful expressions for taxi drivers:
English: Hi, taxi! Pleast take me to Sonjing Campus of Donghua University, No. 2999 Remning North Road, Sonjiang Area,
Mandarin with Pinyin: 司(sī)机(jī)师(shī)傅(fù),请(qǐng)带(dài)我(wǒ)去(qù)上(shàng)海(hǎi)市(shì)松(sōng)江(jiāng)区(qū)