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Q:How to get to Beijing Normal University (BNU) from the Beijing South Station?

Beijing South Station is located in Chongwen district on Yongdingmenwai Chezhan Road. It is presently the world’s
largest train station and the world’s third largest with the most passenger traffic. It is hailed as Asia’s Best Train Station.
It is a unique and top-class train hub.
Take the following routes to Beijing Normal University campus from the Beijing South Station:

         Take a cab directly to campus. The fare should not exceed 100 CNY.

         After disembarking,board the No.4 metro line in the northerly direction of Anheqiao. Take the metro to National
Library stop. Exit the metro station from the northeast. Take a left and proceed 50 meters to the bus stop. You can take
No. 645 to campus. The 645 arrives directly at the university’s main east gate (Tieshizifen Stop). Get off the bus and you
will see the Jingshi Tower. Walk forward and at the intersection, take a left and walk forward until you reach the main south

        After disembarking, hop on to the No. 4 metro line in the northerly direction of Anheqiao. Take the metro to the
Ping’anli stop. Get off the metro and exit from the southeast. The Ping’anli Road north bus stop is about 60 meters ahead.
From here,take the No. 88, 22 directly to the Beijing Normal University stop.