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Q:How to get to Beijing Normal University (BNU) from the Beijing Station?

Beijing Station is located in Dongcheng district, within the Second Ring Road, just inside the west of Jianguomen and
Dongbianmen, between Chongwenmen and Dongbianmen, north of the original Beijing inner wall, south of Dongchang’an
Street. Beijing Station is also one of Beijing city’s traffic hubs. The No. 2 metro line passes through the station. There are
dozens of bus lines in front of the station. Furthermore, there are many long distance coaches that depart from there to other
outlying areas.
Take the following routes to Beijing Normal campus:

        Take a cab directly to the school. The fare should be under 80 CNY.
        Exiting Beijing Station, transfer directly to the No. 2 metro line, towards the outer ring. Ride until the Jishuitan stop.
Exit from the southwest. Then, call a cab or take No. 22 or 38 bus to campus.