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Q:How is China’s education?

China is seeking to promote the development of first-class universities, and Chinese government has been invested
heavily in education. There are around 6,000 tertiary education institutes in China are allowed by the Chinese Ministry
of Education to admit International students with 160 of these institutes are authorized to hand over Chinese government
scholarships. Universities offer both degree and non-degree programs not only for programs with distinct Chinese
features such as Mandarin, Calligraphy, Kung fu, Classical Chinese Poetry, Chinese Medicine, etc, also programs in
subjects such as MBBS, Business, Engineering and many other majors are provided, In particular, for those foreign
students who want to gain some training on Chinese language, almost all the universities set up Language and Culture
programs to help them learn Chinese, meanwhile, students can get comprehensive service about HSK test and
examination. In addition, a lot of universities offer Bachelor’s. Master’s or Doctoral Degree programs taught in English
so that even for those who don’t know Chinese, they can get the opportunity to pursue further development.

The official educational certificates awarded by Chinese universities are Internationally recognized. Bilateral recognition
agreement has been reached between Chinese government and a great many of countries, including the USA, Britain,
France, Japan and 65 other countries and regions. Therefore, it is very safe and guaranteed to study in China under the
protection and support of the official authorization.

Please visit China’s Universities Education to learn more about Chinese higher education.