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Q:What about Chinese culture?

Studying in China is the start of a life full of excitements and adventures as well as a chance for you to immerse yourself in
Chinese culture with a history of more than 5000 years. The profound cultural heritage here will tell you all the stuff about
people in this country where is most multicultural in the world. The incomparably varied quintessence of Chinese culture,
from Peking opera to calligraphy, from Chinese traditional medicine to martial arts, from the exquisite cuisine to wine culture,
all of this will open a window for you to know more about Chinese culture.

What’s more, China is a multi-ethnic state. 56 nationalities with distinctive features live together in harmony. Each of the
minorities has its own tradition, religion and custom. By communicating with Chinese people here, you will find your life is
continuously replenished by various cultures and wonderful stories. There are always brand-new horizons to observe and
know the world.