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Q:Is it interesting to study in China?

Located in the east of the world, China is a country with a long history and splendid civilization. Studying in
China is a best way for you to fully enjoy this charming and mysterious country. Here you will start a journey
of brand-new exploration: experience its unique mix of ancient and modern civilization, enjoy its scenic beauty,
study its profound culture as well as making friends with students from all over the world.

The highly-diversified terrain of China takes you from bustling cities full of colorful nightlife to isolated mountain
-top Ming-Dynasty villages where you can even hear a pin drop. As one of the world’s oldest continuous civilization,
China will have you stumble on history here and there. But it’s not just a museum of imperial relics, the booming
developmenthas left China’s coastline glittering with some of the world’s most modern cities with a forward-thinking

It is convenient and affordable to travel around China owing to the well-developed transportation system. It boasts the
world’s most completed railway system and the modern bullet train can reach up to 300 km per hour.

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in China, please see cities in China.