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Q: Is studying in China expensive?

Compared to some European countries, America, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries, the cost of studying
in China is much more reasonable. The tuition for English taught MBBS, Business and Engineering course etc. is only
about 2000 to 4000 US dollars a year.

You can live a content life with a small budget in China. In cities like Beijing or Shanghai, a rent for a small apartment
will be at least 200 to 300 US dollars per month. In small cities and towns, housing prices are much lower, for example,
a rent for an apartment with two beds could be 100 US dollars per month in the city of Qingdao, Dalian, Nanjing,
Changsha, Weifang and so on. A meal at a local restaurant for one person could only cost 2-5 US dollars. A good pair
of shoes might be about 20-30 US dollars at a local market. Taking a bus is usually about 15 cents, and a subway
ticket in Shanghai and Beijing is about 30 cents.

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